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Save money on your heating and cooling bills all year round.

The right windows and doors can make your home more beautiful, keep you warm in winter,  cool in summer, reduce noise and add value to your home.  Windows and doors are no longer just to fill an opening, they will complete your home.

Karen Porter

Telstra Business Awards 2014

6 Jul 2014 2:27 PM - Award Winners
Solace Creations is one of the top 8 Micro Businesses in Australia (less than 6 employees).  This means that we have had extensive external scrutiny and the business management and operations has been judged as one of the best in Australia.

Solace Creations Double Glazing was announced as the winner of the 2014 Telstra ACT Micro-Business Award on 4 July 2014. Solace Creations CEO,  Karen is using the award to raise awareness of double glazing in one of the coldest climates in Australia.  For new homes, double glazing is a "no-brainer", for existing homes, your new comfort levels will be worth more than the money you pay.

Quality Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Enjoy your home all year round, with double glazing from Solace Creations.  Most homes you see just aren't built for Canberra conditions.  The ACT gets freezing cold in winter, with hot dry summers.  We see people wasting hundreds of dollars in energy bills just to keep their home liveable.

Change to double-glazing, and see your energy costs fall from day one.  We will replace your old windows and doors with double-glazing that features modern uPVC or insulated aluminium frames.  Not only do you save money, you will feel the difference in comfort.  No more draughts.  No more waking up to a cold house.

For new homes, double-glazing is a smart design choice that adds value to your home.  Many Canberrans insulate their walls, ceiling and floors - then undo that work with single panes of glass that leak heat.  That's up to 30% of your wall space left without proper insulation.  Book a free consulation while you are planning your home.  The Solace Creations team will talk through your design:  position, airflow, and the look-and-feel you want for your door panes and windows.

Why uPVC Double Glazing?

uPVC is a clean, environmentally friendly material that outperforms other options.

Better insulation:  standard aluminium frames leak heat and cold.  uPVC stops draughts, with an insulation value as good as timber - or better.

More durable:  timber frames can warp and crack as the weather changes.  uPVC is engineered to withstand extremes in termperature, even the coldest ACT winter.

Cleaner look:  uPVC holds its colour for the life of the frame - up to 80 years.  The colour doesn't peel or degrade like timber or aluminium.

More affordable:  uPVC brings you high-performing insulation at a fraction of the cost of many timber frames.

Learn more about uPVC.

We offer free consultations for all homeowners in Canberra and the ACT.  Our energy efficiency expert will sit down with you and work through the savings you can make by switching to double-glazing.  Book your free consultation today:  Call 02 6260 1621.

what we do?

We are Canberra's double glazing specialists.  We will help you to improve your current home or give you advice on your new home.

We will help you to fully insulate your home with double glazing.

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We have been selling uPVC double glazing in Canberra since 2005.  We source the best windows for your home from our selection of Melbourne manufacturers so that you get the best match for your home.

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