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Save money on your heating and cooling bills all year round.

The right windows and doors can make your home more beautiful, keep you warm in winter,  cool in summer, reduce noise and add value to your home.  Windows and doors are no longer just to fill an opening, they will complete your home.

Karen Porter

Hi, my name is Karen and I am the CEO of Solace Creations.  I like to see myself as the Chief Energy Officer and when you meet me you will know why.  I believe that I have the very best quality double glazed windows and doors that Canberra has to offer.   The window and door frames that I sell are made from uPVC and are an insulated frame.  They don't leak heat and cold like aluminium does and you never feel a draught.  They don't need maintenance like timber does and have a life of 80 years.  This means that you keep warm in the winter months and cool during summer with my energy efficient double glazed windows and doors from Solace Creations.

I have been in the industry since 2006 and I have been serving the Canberra and surrounding areas, you can trust Solace Creations for all your double glazing window needs.  

For superior protection and security, uPVC double glazed windows and doors are the way to go. Your existing windows and doors can be replaced with uPVC double glazing for added protection and comfort in your home. We have replaced thousands of windows and doors in homes in Canberra.  uPVC is considered one of the best insulators for windows and doors on the market and a great option for any home. You can drastically increase your home’s energy efficiency today with uPVC windows and doors by Solace Creations.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for brilliant results and always strive for excellence in customer service.  We offer our Canberra customers the peace of mind that comes with durable double glazed windows and doors. Save money on your heating and cooling bills all year round with Solace Creations double glazing.

In addition to replacing existing windows and doors with insulated units, we also specialise in the new home market.  Double glazing is a "no brainer" and every new home should be double glazing.  Everyone knows that you insulate your walls, ceiling and floor then we put a single piece of glass in 30% of our wall space.... why?  Because most people building a home don't know any better.

What if I told you that for the price of a cup of coffee a day you would cover the cost of an upgrade to double glazed uPVC windows and doors?  Would that give you the incentive to look at double glazing?  Well that is all it costs.  However, instead of generating a big electricity bill over the life of your mortgage, I can show you how you can actually start saving money from the first year.  I offer free window and door consultations for home owners who are at the planning stage of their home.  At this consultation you will learn more about your new windows and doors that you probably ever will.  We will check the design of each window, the air flow, the sealing and the look of them.  I will also show you how much you will save because you chose to double glaze.  Please call our office today to book in your free consultation 6260 1621.

what we do?

We are Canberra's double glazing specialists.  We will help you to improve your current home or give you advice on your new home.

We will help you to fully insulate your home with double glazing.

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We have been selling uPVC double glazing in Canberra since 2005.  We source the best windows for your home from our selection of Melbourne manufacturers so that you get the best match for your home.

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